iSectors® Liquid Alternatives Allocation

This allocation offers investors exposure to inefficient, uncorrelated and or low correlated asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity, soft commodities, precious metals, natural resources, real estate, and other real assets. This allocation to alternative investments is intended to be utilized as an important addition to an investor’s portfolio. This portfolio of liquid alternative investments is available to individuals, trusts, non-profits, retirement plans and others with no requirement that the investor be accredited. Additionally, unlike alternative investments typically structured as private partnerships, the iSectors® Liquid Alternatives Allocation charges no performance-based fees, offers online daily pricing and performance updates, has timely year-end tax reporting (no late K-1s), maintains daily liquidity, and is available for a low minimum investment of $50,000.


iSectors® Inflation Protection Allocation

The iSectors® Inflation Protection Allocation is a strategic model that intends to hold a diversified portfolio of securities that historically have been resistant to inflationary pressures. Securities holdings within the model may include precious metals, including gold and silver, real estate, commodities, including timber, agricultural and energy, strategic/rare earth minerals, and short-term inflation-protected bonds.

iSectors® Precious Metals Allocation

The iSectors® Precious Metals Allocation is intended to offer investors a simple and cost-efficient approach to acquiring a diversified portfolio of precious metals bullion. This allocation model invests in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and closed-end funds (CEFs) that hold portfolios of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion. The iSectors® Precious Metals Allocation provides for ease of purchase and sale of the investment, elimination of most of the costs for holding the exposure, and increased liquidity when compared to directly acquiring and holding physical precious metals bullion.