Unlike firms that have recently started offering model portfolios, iSectors® does not use proprietary ETFs. Instead, we insist on retaining our freedom to select ETFs from best-of-breed managers to populate our allocation models. We’ve been doing this since 2008. We know how to live up to the promise of truly open architecture, not tied to internal mandates or sales requirements.

iSectors® strategies are rooted in our philosophy that asset allocation using passive indexes, rather than the selection of individual securities or market timing, is more beneficial in helping investors reach their financial goals. Our investment process seeks to maintain low overall investment costs using ETFs and technology provided by turnkey asset management platforms. The iSectors® strategies also offer transparency, liquidity, daily pricing, holdings, tax and performance updates. iSectors® allocation models can be held in separately managed or unified managed accounts, titled in the client’s name, at an independent brokerage firm.

iSectors® strongly believes that outsourcing is the future of investment management. Research has shown that when an advisor is able to focus more time on developing client relationships this translates into increased revenue.  Advisors outsourcing investment management allows the advisor to focus on where they can add the most value: client relationships.