iSectors® ETF-based asset allocation models are available for use in 401(k) plans. These professionally managed strategies can provide retirement plan advisors with a competitive, fully diversified offering of investment selections to present to their 401(k) clients. Plan participants can select properly diversified investment models that are professionally allocated and maintained to meet their various risk and return needs.

iSectors® allocation models help reduce overall plan costs compared to many actively managed mutual fund or group annuity-based plans. iSectors® offers allocation models suitable as default investment selections for participants of various risk tolerances and age classifications. This allows advisors to map participants directly into a complete, diversified model appropriate for their goals and risk tolerance.

Ready Go! 401(k) Program

Ready Go! is a simplified solution to increase your retirement plan assets under management. Ready Go! is a result of a strategic partnership developed with best of breed partners that have extensive experience in the 401(k) world.

iSectors® has partnered with Expand Financial (3(38) plan fiduciary), July Business Services (recordkeeper/TPA), and Mid Atlantic Trust Company (custodian) to provide plan sponsors with access to low-cost, professionally managed, and effectively diversified investment options.

Even if you are not a specialist in this area, by accessing the team of Ready Go! experts, you can effectively compete in this marketplace. You get the freedom to manage client relationships while the Ready Go! team handles the details.

The iSectors® mission is to partner with financial advisors to grow their business.  To help you close more 401(k) business, we can:

  • Provide a no cost benchmark report and competitive analysis for 401(k) plan prospects.  
  • Provide you and plan sponsors with a 3(38) fiduciary if needed.
  • Assist with a 401(k) plan recordkeeper and online employee education.
  • Facilitate a 401(k) plan custodian.

For more information, contact Scott Jones, iSectors® Director of Business Development at 800.869.5184 or [email protected].