iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation Model Reaches 3-Year Milestone

Scott Jones Director of Business Development |

Appleton, WI. March 13, 2024iSectors®, LLC, a leading ETF Strategist, announces the three-year anniversary of the iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation.

The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation, with a three-year track record, is an allocation model uniquely positioned to take advantage of the continuous and rapid evolution of Bitcoin and the blockchain landscape. Bitcoin has emerged as the dominant cryptocurrency in the marketplace with a current capitalization that exceeds one trillion dollars. An increasing number of corporations and institutional investors are now investing in Bitcoin.

The goal of the iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation model is to give investors access to Bitcoin and the groundbreaking technological advancements in the digital economy. The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation invests directly in 3 spot Bitcoin ETFs that provide investors with access to Bitcoin along with ETFs that hold the stocks of Bitcoin miners, exchanges, and other companies integrating blockchain technology into their businesses.

The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation aims to create investment exposure between spot Bitcoin ETFs and blockchain-related ETFs in a balanced manner. While Bitcoin has shown significant volatility, the addition of blockchain ETFs in the model adds diversification to reduce portfolio volatility.

The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation seeks to give investors access to Bitcoin and blockchain technology by investing 100% in liquid ETFs that can be held in a brokerage account.

The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation model is intended for investors with an extremely high-risk tolerance through their financial advisors that use one of the following TAMPs: Adhesion Wealth, Folio Institutional, Schwab MMC, Amplify, GeoWealth, MidAtlantic Capital Group and SMArtX Platforms.

For more information on iSectors® and the iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation, please visit us at or call 1-800-iSectors.

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