Why Choose to Outsource?

Vernon C. Sumnicht CEO / CIO |

Investment advisors may choose to outsource investment management to iSectors® Allocation models for several reasons, including:

  • Access to specialized expertise: Outsourcing can give investment advisors access to specialized investment managers and strategies that they may not have in-house.
  • Cost savings: Outsourcing can reduce the cost of building and maintaining an in-house investment management team.
  • Improved efficiency: Outsourcing can streamline investment management processes, enabling investment advisors to focus on their core competencies and better serve their clients.
  • Reduced regulatory burden: Outsourcing can transfer some of the regulatory responsibilities associated with investment management to the outsourcing partner, reducing the investment advisor's regulatory burden.
  • Improved risk management: By outsourcing investment management, investment advisors can diversify their investment portfolios and reduce the risk of significant losses in any one area.
  • Attention to developing client relationships: The time saved may allow advisors to devote more time to high-value activities which translate into increased revenue.