iSectors® Tactical Global Balanced Allocation

The objective of iSectors® Tactical Global Balanced Allocation is to seek modest growth of capital while attempting to avoid large portfolio draw downs (losses) through the implementation of a tactical strategy across a globally diversified portfolio of major asset classes. 

The iSectors® Tactical Global Balanced Allocation offers a comprehensive investment approach diversified across major global asset classes, including domestic equities, international and emerging market equities, bonds, commodities, gold, and real estate. The model actively manages the investments within the portfolio, utilizing a proprietary trend-following methodology to allocate among the model’s targeted asset classes and to cash (or short-term bonds). This model’s objective is to be in 100% cash alternatives/short-term bonds during prolonged declines in individual asset classes to reduce overall portfolio draw down. The iSectors® Tactical Global Balanced model seeks to invest in low-cost index ETFs to achieve its objectives.