iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation

The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation is a uniquely-positioned investment model designed to give advisors and their clients the opportunity to take advantage of the continuous and rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies and the underlying evolution of the technology that makes them possible: blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology investing can present advisors with some distinct compliance and reporting challenges. The iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation’s investment strategy aims to simplify the regulatory, transaction, and performance reporting by accessing cryptocurrencies, and companies implementing blockchain technology through widely available, liquid, and transparent ETFs and/or publicly-traded investment trusts. The model portfolio concentrates on one cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and one market sector (technology). Therefore, the iSectors® CryptoBlock® Allocation aligns best with investors that have a high-risk tolerance.

iSectors® CryptoBlock® II Allocation

The iSectors® CryptoBlock® II Allocation is a diversified portfolio of publicly-traded companies that are on the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency/blockchain revolution. The combined individual stock holdings of the underlying exchange-traded funds (ETFs) total more than 150 publicly-traded companies, diversified across many sectors. By owning 100% ETFs, investors eliminate the regulatory, transaction, and tax reporting burden of cryptocurrency investing. Although the model is designed to be less volatile than Bitcoin, it should be considered a high-risk portfolio allocation.